I love shooting. Is that cliché? Yeah. Is it true, absolutely! 

Each image I take tells a story. I look to reveal the mystery of what is behind our eyes and our hearts. This is what intrigues me. I want to bring humanity, in my images, to those in the spotlight we think we know, then a spotlight to those we don't. I am always looking for truth and beauty in a photo. And, of course having fun while doing so is key. 

I grew up in NY and got my start in photo though photojournalism there, after several other careers. Photo has taken me to Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Mexico. I also have beautiful twin daughters who you will see spread throughout my website. They inspire me in every way possible.

I currently live in Manhattan, and can work as a local in Los Angeles and San Francisco (and Paris and London if you fly me there.)

Hire me. Lets have some fun.

Select Clients

Billboard, Hollywood Reporter, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Paper, INC, Fortune, Backstage, London Guardian, London Telegraph, Fader, M Le Magazine du Monde, Wired Italy, Der Spiegel, Stern, Interscope Records, Sony Records.


2015-American Photo Anuual, Willam Belli-(Chosen Image)

2015-Communcaion Arts Photo Annual-Michael Mann

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